Niger LG Chairmen warns Gov Bello over funds release.


Barely one month after the newly inaugurated local government chairmen in Niger state has warned the state governor, Alhaji Abuakar Sani Bello over the non release of funds to the councils.

The Chairmen further threatened to relinquish their mandate if by June, no fund is release to them to run the affairs of the councils hence the situation was capable of ruin their political carriers.

Investigation revealed that since the inception of the present administration in the state, only N20million was released to each of the 25 local government councils in the state apart from the payment of salaries of the local government staff.

The  N20. Million, it was gathered was only released to the caretaker committee chairmen a week before the last local government election in the state which produced the current chairmen.

Civil servants in the 25 local government councils in the state are yet to be paid their February salary, a situation that has put further pressure on the chairmen.

Some of the council chairmen who spoke  on the condition of anonymity said that since their inauguration, they have not been able to go to the office as there is no fund to run the council, describing the situation as unacceptable.

According to one of the chairmen, since after taken over, he has not gone back to the office again because there is no fund to run the office, adding that “this is not what the governor promised us. I don’t know what anyone can do without fund, and all we keep hearing  is that there is no fund.

“Some of us may have no choice than to relinquish our mandate if the situation continues like this till June. To even make the matter worst, the governor asked the house of assembly to reduce our tenure from three to two years.

“We never knew about this until we were sworn in and the question now is that, what will an elected officer dowithin two years in office, this is amount to killing ones political carrier because there is nothing you can do for the people in two years“.

The governor, during the inauguration of the council told them (council chairmen) that they should hit the ground running in their various local governments, urging them to imbibe the culture of doing things right, saying that “the people you will serve are very well known to you and their plight also conversant to your knowledge”.

But the chairmen said they can not hit the ground running because there is no money to embark on any activities, pointing out that “when ordinary salary can not be paid how do you hit the ground running”.

Reacting to this development in an interview, the President of Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees (NULGE), Niger state chapter, Comrade Saidu Aliyu Kala told journalist  that the issue of non release of funds to the local government by the state government is a set back.

According to him, “we are not after only the payment of salaries of local government staff but we are also after the development of the councils.

“When we look back to the time when the councils were greeting their allocations from the federation account directly, when there was no joint account between the state and local government, they were doing better than now”

Comrade Kala, admitted that only N20million have been disbursed to the councils since the inception of this administration in the state, stressing that “I have not heard if they have been given any other money officially”.

Kala disclosed that he has requested for a meeting with the chairman of the association of local government of Nigeria, Niger state chapter, with a view to proffer solution to their predicament but was yet to get any response to that effect.

He also described as unfortunate the reduction of their tenure from three to two years, pointing out that “I wonder what magic can someone performwithin two years. So if that is true, I want the house of assembly and the government to consider and add one more year to their tenure”.

He insisted that “local government is the most sensitive tier of government because it is the closest to the people. The two years is too short for them to perform”.

Also reacting to this development, the People Democratic Party (PDP) in the state described the non release of funds to the local government as an aberration, violation of Nigeria constitution and a contradiction to the administration’s “change mantra” slogan.

The Deputy Chairman of the party in the state, Barrister Tanko Beji challenged the governor tell the people how much has accrued to the 25 local government council in the last seven months, adding that “the governor should make public what has happened to the seven months allocations to the local government councils in the state and how much has been disbursed”.

All efforts to get the reaction of the state Commissioner for local government, community development and Chieftaincy Affairs, Alhaji Abbas Kabiru Musa as he was said to be avoiding office because of pressure from local government staff who are yet to be paid their February salary.

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In the process of Nation building, times come bye and passes bye. Most times it comes with several unpredictable tendencies, sometimes good, bitter and sometimes very sweet.

The time we are in now is tough, we understand more than ever before, Nigerians across board  must pull resources, intelligence and relationship together to get through it, this effort to my mind goes beyond one party effort, religious inclination and tribal or regional consideration or inclination.

In this phase of our nation building, efforts like that of Dr. Ifeanyi Uba should be giving a serious thought and consideration in crashing the dollar, this I believe will relief the pressure on the Naira, if the outcome comes out positive, food prices will come down and cost of living will drop drastically.

So also is the need for Nigerians to close ranks with each other, consider too in our daily living patronizing our home made products, except where we might be lacking before considering a foreign one.

Same thought process be placed on sports and general entertainment, for instance sports enthusiasts should consider adopting a local professional sports club and promoting same even if it is in their speeches only, sports and entertainment is one area where Nigeria  has been made proud on several frontiers, it also provide jobs for our teeming youth. For instance comment like “I LOVE NIGER TORNADOES FC” will endear it to a lot of people.

No leader no matter how  wicked will want his people to suffer, infact, in most cases wicked leaders try hard to ensure the masses have a very a comfortable life because that is their own security, but at times things go way beyond their expectation and for this, patience by all and sundry is employed and prayers are engaged, while wide range of consultations are made, feedback mechanisms are developed and palliative measures are dished out, times like this only last short.

Times might be hard, everyone is feeling it especially the less privileged of the society, I feel it too, I call on all to offer their ideas where necessary and I call on all those in authority to heed wise counsels irrespective of where or whom it comes from, that is how great Nations and states are build.


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SMH: Man Destroys His Daughter To Punish Her For Having Premarital Sex (Photos): According to reports, this is the horror a psychotic father meted out on his daughter for sleeping with a man before her wedding day. The “angry” father allegedly burnt his daughter’s genitals to serve as a punishment. This reportedly happened few years back in Cameroon…


Full story and comments on:,284851.0.html

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I am compelled to react to the story making round in the media of an alleged holding “hostage” of Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello, the governor of Niger State by some aggrieved youth. The story is not only untrue but a blatant misrepresentation of what happened.

At no time since the inauguration of Alhaji Abubakar Sani Bello that his person or convoy was held hostage, rather he has continued to enjoy the support and commendation of his people across the state.  It is so pathetic that a sincere and genuine act of informally interacting with the people by the governor can be misconstrued by some people.

To set the record straight, it is pertinent to note that the alleged “hostage” was a figment the imagination  of the authors and sponsors of the story, as no such incident ever happened. In line with the strict adherence to traffic law, despite the immunity accorded his office, Governor Abubakar Sani Bello on Monday on his way to flag off the Immunisation Plus Days at Kafin Tella area of Minna, the state capital stopped to observe the traffic light at Lagos Street junction, along Bosso Road.

Some youth in the neighbourhood who spotted the governor rushed to his vehicle to exchange pleasantries with him and in his usual characteristic manner, Governor Abubakar Sani Bello lower the side glasses of his car to interact with them.

Unlike what was reported, most of the youth that milled round the governor during the brief encounter came to commend him for obeying the traffic light by setting a precedent for other leaders to emulate.

The brief interaction that lasted for less than 70 seconds could not have been taken for hostage as the governor willing stopped to obey the traffic light and drove off when passed without any  let or hindrance.

I make bold to say that Governor Abubakar Sani Bello has subscribed to obeying traffic light no matter how urgent his movement was.

We have witnessed instances when the governor will break the convoy and stop in villages to get the feeling of his people by interacting with them. His stoppage at the traffic light was so short a time that a set of youth can hold him “hostage” not with a full complement of security operatives.

I wish to appeal to newsmen in the state to verify their stories before going to Press. They should avoid sensational stories that tend to cause disaffection.

Jibrin Baba Ndace

Chief Press Secretary

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Find Out the Rapper Who Will Be Lucious Lyon’s New Enemy on Empire


Another gangster-turned-mogul is about to shake things up.

The spring portion of Empire‘s second season is about to be even more juicy as actor/rapper Xzibithas signed on to serve as Lucious Lyon’s new rival.


According to Deadline, Xzibit will play the role of music industry mogul Leslie “Shyne” Johnson, who, like Lucious, has a background in gangster life. His rags to riches story also parallels Lucious’s as he managed artists, started record imprints and sold a few units as an artist himself. However, the roots of his success have always been drugs, guns and extortion. He feels excluded by the other media moguls, specifically Lucious, and wants his rightful place at the top.

Xzibit is no stranger to acting. He has also starred in major releases including Bad LieutenantGridiron Gang and xXx: State of the Union, to name a few. 

The second season of Empirereturns on March 30.

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The naira rose by 17.3 per cent on Tuesday against the dollar at the parallel market to 310 from 375, which it traded on Monday.
The naira had been on a free fall in the last two weeks, peaking at 391 against the greenback at the parallel market last week Thursday. The local currency, however, began a gradual recovery on Friday.
Foreign exchange dealers stated on Tuesday that the naira’s recovery could be linked to the gradual inflows of foreign exchange into the forex market.
“There have been inflows into the market in recent days; the central bank and oil companies have been selling dollars,” a forex dealer at Apapa in Lagos, Alhaji Saliu Mustapha, said.
Forex dealers said the local currency was set to gain further momentum in coming days, arguing that most traders were rushing to reduce the amount of dollars in their holdings.
Currency strategist at the Ecobank Nigeria, Mr. Kunle Ezun, said the depreciation the naira had recorded in the last two weeks was mainly artificial, arguing that it was part of the activities of currency speculators to force the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Presidency to devalue the naira.
He said, “The naira is recovering because of two things: The Presidency’s hard stance on not devaluing the naira and the decision of the Bureau De Change operators to peg their profit margin at 3.5 per cent. To me, these are the two things that have helped to restore stability and calmness to the market.”
An economist and currency expert at BestWorth Holdings, David James, said the naira would continue rise to a point where the true value of the local currency could be found against the dollar.
He added, “I am of the opinion that the naira’s recovery will continue to somewhere around N250 per dollar. This will likely be around the point where the equilibrium exchange rate may be found.”
But the Chief Executive Officer, Cowry Assets Limited, a research and investment advisory firm, Mr. Johnson Chukwu, believes the naira rally might not be sustainable, adding that the CBN lacked the stock of external reserves to drive an enduring stability in the forex market amid the declining global oil prices.
“This may not be sustainable; we don’t have the forex to maintain this rally,” he stated.
But Ezun said, “The true value of the naira will be found something around 290 against the dollar; and I believe that is where current rally may stop. Or sometime in the near future, it may stop around that figure.”
The economy of Nigeria has been battered by the plunge in global oil prices. The nation depends on crude oil for over 90 per cent of its forex earnings. The fall in the fortunes of the naira at the parallel market has affected companies and industries, causing economy growth to drop from 6.8 per cent to an average of 3.4 per cent.
The CBN has been rationing dollars as part of the measures to preserve the external reserves, which has hit an 11-year low of $28bn.
Meanwhile, the CBN-licensed Bureau De Change operators on Tuesday said plans were ongoing to transform their operational structure to compete in the global regulatory currency market.
The Acting President, Association of Bureau De Change Operators, Alhaji Aminu Gwadabe, who stated this at a news conference in Lagos, said the move would help the local currency retailers to increase dollar liquidity in the nation’s forex market.
He said, “ABCON will introduce a series of measures aimed at transforming the operations of the BDCs in Nigeria to align with global best practices.
“We will seek the approval of relevant monetary and fiscal authorities as well as partnerships for effective usage of the nation’s external reserves to enhance domestic trade and foreign exchange management.”
The announcement came barely six weeks after the CBN had stopped dollar sale to the BDC operators as part of the measures to preserve the nation’s fast-depleting external reserves.
The Nigerian economy has received a beating from the fall in global crude oil prices, with the naira tumbling against the dollar at the parallel market.
Gwadabe said ABCON would introduce live and real-time online currency trading platforms in the Nigerian forex market, as part of the plans to gain access to the global regulatory currency market

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